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2021 Top Baby Names at Fairview Range

In 2021, we had the joy of welcoming nearly 250 babies at our Women’s Health and Birth Center. At the end of each year, one of our favorite traditions is tallying up the top names. We’ve crunched the numbers and here were the most popular baby names in 2021. 

Boy                 Girl

Ezra (3)           Charlotte (3)

Bo (2)              Harper (2)

Bradley (2)     Josephine (2)

Cody (2)          Oaklynn (2)

Elijah (2)         Savannah (2)

Hudson (2)

Jameson (2)

John (2)

Kayden (2)

Leo (2)

Levi (2)

Mason (2)

Oliver (2)

Theodore (2)

Usually, there would be 5 top names for both boys and girls…but this year the list looks a little lopsided. Why? Because we had 13 boy names tie for second place! In spite of the second-place ties, there was ultimately one winner for each gender as the top baby name of the year: Ezra for boys and Charlotte for girls.

No matter what name you choose, our team of nurses and doctors are thrilled to help you deliver your little one close to home. We offer secure, spacious suites with private bathrooms and around-the-clock monitoring. 

Welcoming a Baby in 2022? 
Take a virtual tour of our Women’s Health & Birth Center, where you’ll meet the newest member of your family:



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