You Being Here Matters: Raising Suicide Awareness

hands clasped around another pair of hands

September is a month marked by the changing of leaves, dropping temperatures, and back-to-school routines. However, it is also a month dedicated to an issue that often remains in the shadows – National Suicide Awareness Month. This is a time to draw attention to a topic that affects countless lives worldwide, to destigmatize mental health […]

How Our Lactation Support Services Plays a Role in Your Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

baby in woman's arms

“Here’s your new baby.”  These four words are life changing for anyone, but especially a woman. They’ve just experienced their body transform over months and months, growing another human. Now, after delivering, it’s time to keep this new life alive. A large part of this in the beginning is breastfeeding that provides vital nourishment to […]

Should I Visit Urgent Care or the Emergency Department?

emergency sign

You feel awful.  You can tell you need help – but where should you go? Is it serious enough to head to the emergency department or will urgent care do? The last thing you need is another headache.  Don’t worry.  At Fairview Range in Hibbing, our Urgent Care and Emergency Department are in the same […]

Meet Kim Oberstar, the New Pediatric Mental Health Specialist at Fairview Range

kim oberstar headshot

Pediatric mental health needs are on rise across the state of Minnesota. In just under 10 years, feelings of hopelessness and sadness rose 40% amongst young people, states the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  How do we make sure the kids are alright? In the realm of pediatric mental health, Nurse Practitioners (NPs) […]

Two Strokes in Six Weeks: “They Saved My Life – Twice.”

Karlene Pochucha and her husband, Dana Pochucha

March 15th and May 12th, 2023 are days Karlene Pochucha, and her husband, Dana Pochucha, will remember forever.   On March 15th, 2023, Karlene knew something was wrong. She recognized she was experiencing stroke symptoms. Quickly, her husband and her got in the car and headed to the Emergency Department in Hibbing, Minnesota. There, the Fairview […]

Screen Time and Kids: How Can You Find a Healthy Balance?

two kids under a blanket looking at a tablet

All of our lives have changed thanks to the cell phone. Everyday we interact with them: to chat with friends, to pay bills, to do just about anything. Now as a new generation of kids are born, a new generation of parents are reaching for the same device as a toy for their little ones. […]