No Pain. All Gain. CRNA Brendan Kapella Joins Fairview Range Team

Did you know that on October 16, 1846, medical history happened? Two surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston gathered around their patient. They needed to remove a lump in the patient’s throat. For the first time in public record, anesthesia was used. This medicine enabled the doctors to remove the lump without the patient […]

Fairview Range Welcomes Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Kerry Reuter

Kerry Reuter headshot

We’re very proud to introduce you to our newest behavioral health team member, Kerry Reuter, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She is currently seeing patients ages 16 and above at Fairview Mesaba Clinic in Hibbing.  Reuter grew up outside of Duluth and after graduating high school moved into a rural area between Duluth and Hibbing. […]

8 Ways to Stay Mentally and Physically Healthy During the Darkest Time of the Year

cross country skiing through forest

We’re lucky to live in an area that offers plenty of good food, fresh air, and outside activities. Staying mentally and physically healthy during the colder, darker months can boost your wellbeing and your happiness. According to Dr. Susan Hoyum, a Family Medicine physician at Fairview Mesaba Clinic – Hibbing, here are a few ways […]

Don’t Forget to Breathe: How to Deal with Stress the Healthy Way

woman relaxing

It feels like with every passing day there’s some new bad news or anxiety-inducing headline. While it’s smart to stay up-to-date on what’s happening around you and on the daily news, it’s also smart to remember your mental health. Do you know how to deal with stress in a healthy way? We can help. The […]

5 Things You Should Do If You Find a Lump in Your Breast

You found a lump in your breast. What do you do? Discovering a lump can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. While not all are cancerous, it’s important not to ignore them. Early detection and prompt action can make a significant difference in your health and well-being. Let’s walk you through the steps to take […]

Fall Into Self-Care: 8 Ways to Keep Up Your Health This Fall

someone tying up hiking boots

With the vibrant leaves of red, orange, and gold, you can’t deny fall feels magical. It offers a unique opportunity to slow down, reflect, and practice self-care. Ready to unwind this season, but not sure how to start? Here are eight ways you can nurture your body and soul during this beautiful and transformative season. […]

You Being Here Matters: Raising Suicide Awareness

hands clasped around another pair of hands

September is a month marked by the changing of leaves, dropping temperatures, and back-to-school routines. However, it is also a month dedicated to an issue that often remains in the shadows – National Suicide Awareness Month. This is a time to draw attention to a topic that affects countless lives worldwide, to destigmatize mental health […]