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No Pain. All Gain. CRNA Brendan Kapella Joins Fairview Range Team

Did you know that on October 16, 1846, medical history happened? Two surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston gathered around their patient. They needed to remove a lump in the patient’s throat. For the first time in public record, anesthesia was used. This medicine enabled the doctors to remove the lump without the patient feeling a thing. Everyone in the room could see it: this advancement in medicine would change everything. 

These days, anesthesia is used for a wide range of procedures and occasions. It’s a safe tool to eradicate your pain. We’re proud to offer expert anesthesiologists and CRNAs at Fairview Range, and especially happy to introduce our newest CRNA, Brendan Kapella. 

What is a CRNA?

CRNA stands for certified registered nurse anesthetist. 

According to Kapella, “A CRNA is part of the whole team that takes care of you from the time you walk into the surgery department to the time you walk out. We are with you every step of the way. Before you even enter the surgical department, we have looked over your information, and started an anesthesia plan to suit you and your needs. We make sure nothing gets missed in your history so you will have a safe surgery on all levels, including pain and nausea. There are different types of anesthesia. We will help you decide which one is best for every situation and procedure.”

When would someone see a CRNA?

People will see a CRNA before, during, and after their procedure. If wanted, they may also see women during labor to deliver anesthesia. They may also be called upon in emergency rooms and for MRIs. 

“One of us is with you every step of the way and at your side the whole time during your procedure,” explains Kapella. “We are there to make sure if you ever have a question or need anything we help guide you and your care.” 

Kapella is happy to conduct a consultation if you want more guidance on your anesthesia and pain-management options before your planned procedure. You can learn more about CRNA’s role in surgeries here.

What made Kapella choose to become a CRNA? 

After high school, Kapella knew he belonged in a field where he could help people. His mom helped him discover that he enjoyed nursing. At that time, his sister, Kasey Kapella (a doctor here at Fairview Range) was studying medicine and provided unique insights into the medical field. 

“Anesthesia is my calling,” states Brendan Kapella. “I love my career and how it allows me to care for people.” 

What brought Kapella to Fairview Range?

“I grew up in Hibbing,” comments Kapella. “Once I started my anesthesia schooling, I knew that Fairview Range was where I wanted to end up working. There is something special about being able to provide high-quality care for the people in your community.”

Kapella studied at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia and received his undergraduate degree at the College of St. Scholastica

Are you needing surgery?

Talk to your primary care provider about having your next surgery close to home at Fairview Range.  Our expert CRNAs, and our entire surgical team, will be here to guide you through a safe and successful surgery. 


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