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Bridging Comfort and Safety: How CRNAs Transform the Surgical Experience at Fairview Range

How did you feel the last time you were headed to surgery? Anxious. Uncertain. Ready for it to be over? Surgery can feel overwhelming. Especially when you’re surrounded by different people with different roles. In times of distress, having a reassuring presence is crucial. A certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) stands by you throughout your surgical journey. At Fairview Range, CRNAs are vital members of the surgical department. 

The Role of a CRNA

CRNAs are advanced practice nurses who provide high-quality anesthesia services. Before surgery, a CRNA reviews your information and needs. They customize a plan for you to ensure a safe surgery on all levels, including pain and nausea. CRNAs may also provide services in obstetrics, emergency departments, and MRIs. 

We can offer different types of anesthesia depending on the surgery and will help you decide which one is best for every situation and procedure,” explains Brendan Kapella, CRNA

A Legacy of Care

For over 150 years, CRNAs have been saving lives and advancing patient care. Nurse Anesthetists date back to the battlefield of the American Civil War. Did you know in every branch of the U.S. Military CRNAs have full practice authority? CRNAs are a growing and trusted medical profession focusing on patient-centered care and pain management. 

Every year, around the end of January, we celebrate these unsung heroes with a National CRNA Week. 

A Friendly Face During Surgery

The next time you have surgery scheduled at Fairview Range, take comfort in knowing that our CRNAs will be there. These friendly faces serve as your guide through a safe and successful surgery. 

Talk to your primary care provider about having your next surgery close to home at Fairview Range.



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