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Mental Health & COVID-19

With uncertainty comes stress. As you navigate 2020 and the pandemic, you may feel new stresses, worries, and anxiety. While these are perfectly normal considering the circumstances, there are ways to deal with these feelings in a healthy way. Fairview Range’s counselor, James Hooker, answers your questions. 

What are some healthy ways to deal with emotions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Recognize and acknowledge your concern about COVID-19. Then put it in context and recognize that it is a reasonable concern. Make sure to talk about your feelings where or when you can with family, friends, or mental health professionals. Take care of yourself and use available stress reduction techniques when possible. 

What does mental health therapy look like during COVID-19?

Fairview Range offers 4 contact options for outpatient mental health:

  • Phone Visits
  • Video Visits
  • E-Visits
  • In-Person

You can reach out to a Fairview Range therapist or counselor by calling 218-362-6937 or scheduling an appointment through Fairview MyChart. It’s fast and easy.

What are some signs you or someone you love may need to talk to a mental health professional? 

If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed to the extent where you can’t sleep, feel fatigued, or lack interest in your usual activities. Other signs include feeling the want to isolate, appetite changes, and becoming easily irritable. 

What are the signs of substance abuse?

Some signs that may be indicative of substance abuse include preoccupation with a substance but avoidance of conversation about it, anger or irritability when the subject of use is brought up, withdrawal from family or friends, broken promises or commitments, mood swings, and/or problems at school or work.

What are the signs someone may be struggling with mental well-being?

If you see someone with the inability to adjust to their environment, to deal with conflicting emotions, to trust, to love, to hope, and to have self-awareness, they may be experiencing a mental health concern.

What are the emergency crisis resources if you can’t wait for an appointment?

Here are some resources for mental health crisis help: call the North St. Louis County Crisis Line at 218-288-2100, text “MN” to741741 or visit Thrive Range.org for direct links to crisis resources. Or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


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