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Understanding Trauma Care: Fairview Range’s Commitment to Excellence

May marks Trauma Awareness Month, a time to recognize the crucial role of trauma centers in providing life-saving care. Fairview Range is proud of its Level IV trauma center, renowned for its exceptional staff and dedication to treating a wide range of injuries. 

Meet Our Leaders

Kristen Bayliss, Registered Nurse and Trauma and Stroke Coordinator, brings 13 years of experience to Fairview Range. She started in the ICU and later transitioned to the ER, drawn by the fast-paced nature of emergency medicine. Now, in her role as trauma and stroke coordinator, she balances hands-on patient care with coordination duties, benefiting from a holistic perspective gained by being on the frontline. 

“We really have such a great team of amazing and skilled healthcare professionals here at Fairview Range that I feel so fortunate to work side by side with,” Bayliss states. 

Kim Weggum, Manager of Emergency Department and Urgent Care, joined Fairview Range in 2022, bringing a wealth of experience. Previously supervising the emergency department in Deer River and starting her career in the surgical ICU at the University of Minnesota, she has a strong foundation in trauma management and healthcare leadership. 

“I’ve done everything for trauma, audits, surveys, you name it,” explains Weggum. 

What Does “Level IV Trauma Center” Mean?

Fairview Range’s designation as a Level IV trauma center signifies its capability to stabilize and treat trauma patients while ensuring prompt transfer to a higher level of care, if necessary. Bayliss explains that this level is based on the availability of resources and the speed at which they can be mobilized to the hospital. With an impressive array of resources, including on-site surgeons, a 24-hour lab, and a fully trained trauma team, Fairview Range stands ready to handle diverse trauma cases. 

“When you hold a trauma certification, you are held to a higher standard,” explains Weggum. “We give the best care we can.”

Defining Trauma

Contrary to common perception, trauma encompasses a broad spectrum of injuries. “A lot of people view it as a vehicle accident. But it can be any accident. An elderly person fell, a child was hurt on the playground, truly any injured patient could be considered a trauma patient,” Bayliss emphasizes. Trauma knows no boundaries in terms of age or circumstance; it can affect anyone, anywhere.

All patients who come in the ER are considered emergencies. A triage nurse helps make the decision if the injury meets the trauma criteria, or an EMS decides in the field,” Weggum explains. 

Collaboration and Comprehensive Care

“Trauma care is a total team effort,” states Weggum. The emergency department team works seamlessly with EMS teams, surgical specialists, and various healthcare providers to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. 

Bayliss expresses her passion and gratitude for the amazing team at Fairview Range. “Our team is the biggest part of our trauma response, providing care and stabilizing the patient. We have such skilled and smart team members. They have the muscle memory and know what to do. We have such a great team in the ER.”

Empowering Patients and Communities

Beyond providing top-notch medical care, Fairview Range is committed to trauma prevention and community outreach. Through initiatives like ATV and Snowmobile Safety events, the hospital educates the public on injury prevention strategies, fostering a culture of safety and awareness within the community.

In 2023, Fairview Range hosted its first-ever Youth ATV/Snowmobile Safety Event. Targeting children ages four to nine, the Fairview Range Trauma Program learned about the importance of wearing a helmet. Attendees even had a chance to win a free helmet courtesy of the Northeastern Minnesota Regional Trauma Advisory Committee (NERTC). The team is set to host another safety event on Saturday, September 28th, 2024. More information to come on Fairview Range’s Facebook page

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Fairview Range stays ahead of the curve by implementing advancements such as the Butterfly Ultrasound, a portable device that enables quick bedside examinations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in diagnosis.

In addition, the department undergoes rigorous training to ensure it is fully equipped with the latest knowledge on how to treat any trauma case that may enter its doors. “Our team goes through multi-day training courses, along with onsite training, annual education, skills days, and monthly unit meetings. We also get to practice what we learn every day at work. We have a good process, and we know how to follow it well,” states Bayliss. 

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for Trauma Care

Fairview Range continues its unwavering commitment to excellence in trauma care. With a dedicated team, a state-of-the-art facility, and a passion for innovation, we stand as a beacon of hope for individuals facing life’s most challenging moments. 

Through collaboration, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to patient care, Fairview Range continues to make a profound difference in the lives of individuals and our community.


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