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Get Back to Good Health: Dr. Sonder Brings Spine Therapy Program to Fairview Mesaba Clinics

A healthy spine is a superpower. Every day, it enables your body to move, feel, and live a good life. When you injure or irritate your spine, your quality of life suffers. Thankfully, there’s help and support at Fairview Mesaba Clinics. Starting July 11, Occupational Medicine Physician Dr. Jay Sonder, DC, DABFP, CICE will join our team and begin his eight-week spine program.

Dr. Sonder currently serves as the Director of Occupational Medicine at Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital. Now, he will add Fairview to his schedule. He is board certified in Forensics and Independent Medical Examination Impairment ratings and will provide three new service lines for the community: workers compensation injury management for companies and employers, disability and impairment evaluations, and a Spine Therapy Program for chronic neck and low back pain sufferers.

The Spine Therapy Program is a customized treatment program that is specific to a patient’s condition. The program takes an in-depth diagnostic look into chronic neck and low back conditions that have failed with traditional conservative treatment. It utilizes a team approach of providers including family physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, neurosurgeons, and radiologists. Not everyone qualifies for this treatment, but alternative options are given for those who cannot participate. 

The success rate and patient satisfaction scores are very high for those who complete the program. On average, the treatment program is approximately 8 weeks long.  

“Though most of these cases are complex and usually take the entire time to complete, there have been patients who have ended early due to rapid advances in improvement,” says Dr. Sonder.

He has already introduced the spine program at Grand Itasca. Patients have found it a life-changing experience.

Do you need a referral? Although a referral is not necessary, most patients are referred to the program by their family physician.

Don’t wait. See if you qualify.

To schedule an appointment for a work related injury, disability evaluation, or to be evaluated for our new Spine Therapy Program, please call 218-362-6937 to schedule an appointment.


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