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Healthy Fall Eating: A Dietitian Weighs In

Healthy Eating Tips & Tricks from Fairview’s Dietitian 

Fall is here. Which means beautiful leaves, colder temperatures — and comfort foods. But cozy food doesn’t have to cost you your waistline. You can eat well and eat healthy. We asked our dietitian, Liz Peterson, RDN, LD, for some tips on eating healthy this fall. Here’s what she had to say. 

Think Less. Not None. 

You don’t have to avoid comfort foods completely, Peterson explains. Just watch your portions. “When we enjoy our food, we want to eat more of it. Just stay aware of how much you’re consuming.” 

Take a Moment

Often, we eat food while distracted by something — our phones, TV, books, etc. Peterson advises to really appreciate your food as you eat it. This will lead to realizing you’re full faster and saving you unneeded calories.  

Be Adventurous

You don’t like brussel sprouts. Or at least you didn’t years ago. Things change, so it’s a great idea to retry some not-so-favorites. Who knows? They might turn out to be your new favorite food. It’s time to give healthy food another chance. 

Give Fall Favorites a Health Boost 

Everyone has their favorite fall dish. For Peterson, it’s soup. “My favorite thing about fall is soup,” says Peterson. “It’s a complete meal in one bowl.” While some soups are laden with fats and sodium, there are healthier alternatives. “Avoid soups with lots of cream or cheese. The more veggies, the better,” explains Peterson. Still, there are ways to boost your favorite fall dishes and desserts with benefits. Here are just a few examples. 

Healthier Stew

Peterson’s tips for making a cozy stew even better. 

  1. Lean In
    1. Cut fat by buying leaner meat. 
  2. Veg Out 
    1. Throw in extra veggies. 
  3. Use the Harvest
    1. Go beyond carrots and onions. Add some seasonal veggies — like butternut squash.  
  4. Harness Herbs 
    1. Lean on herbs for flavor instead of salt and fat. 
  5. Halt Salt 
    1. Buy low-sodium broth and canned veggies. 

Healthier Fall Lattes

  1. Order a Small
  2. Choose Skim or Nut Milks
  3. Ask for Less Syrup
  4. Drink It Slower 

Healthier Fall Desserts 

  1. Use the Quarter Rule
    1. If the recipe calls for a cup of sugar, do ¾ that. 
  2. Choose Fruit-based Desserts
    1. Instantly healthier and oh so tasty. 
  3. Stay Seasonal
    1. Use fruits that are in season: apples, pears, cranberries.
  4. Cutdown the Crust
    1. Avoid or lessen strussels and crusts. Saves sugar, fat, and calories. 
  5. Only Take 1
    1. 1 piece of pie with 1 dollop of ice cream. 

Enjoy the Season

Fall is lovely. While you should always try and find ways to make healthier choices, don’t forget to enjoy the season’s joys. It comes and goes so fast. So sip up those soups, pick some apples, and watch those portions. That’s the perfect autumn recipe.


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