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Pediatric Physical Therapy: Meet Our Newest Team Member and Learn More About When PT Is Right for Your Child

Physical therapy (PT) isn’t just for adults. It can benefit children and teens too. Whether it’s an injury or a developmental concern, our physical therapy team is here to help. We’ve recently added Jane Johnson, PT to our pediatric physical therapy team and she is excited to serve the kiddos and families in our community.

Does my child need to see a physical therapist?
It’s very common for children to work with a physical therapist. 

As children grow, sometimes their bodies can get off track. Physical therapists can help make sure their movements become more functional and pain is addressed. This can happen anytime; from birth through puberty and the teen years, children can experience pain and difficulty with rolling, crawling, walking, running and any other movement they do on a daily basis. Children also experience injuries and pain that may require them to relearn certain things and strengthen weakened body parts. A PT can help a child come back from injury, and in some cases, help them avoid further harm or surgery. Mobility equipment or other medical devices to help children do daily activities and engage with family and friends may also be a need that PT can help address.

Every child is unique and our team provides individualized care based on each kiddo’s needs. 

Meet Our Newest Physical Therapist Jane Johnson
Jane graduated from St. Scholastica with her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. She has been a PT for almost 29 years. For more than half those years, her focus has been pediatrics. She spent many years at Fairview University Medical Center (now Masonic Children’s Hospital) working in acute and outpatient pediatrics. 

“During my tenure there, I worked with children with multiple different medical and neurological diagnoses,” explains Jane. “I participated in adaptive equipment assessments and orthotic assessments. I taught a few pediatric topics in the PT program and was the primary PT for the Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis program, also having an opportunity to present at the national JRA conference with the rheumatology team from the University of Minnesota.”

Jane has also worked in the school setting and Birth-Three programs. Most recently, she participated in the design and development of a Level II NICU and was the primary PT working with babies and their families in the NICU.

Although Jane primarily sees pediatric patients, she also sees adult patients in Hibbing. With her vast experience, she is a great asset to our team. Our rehabilitation department can help people of any age recover from injury and improve form and function. 

Jane has enjoyed working in the Twin Cities, Upper Michigan, and Wisconsin – but is especially happy to be back in northern Minnesota. 

“I was born in Hibbing and grew up in Duluth. I am so happy to be back ‘home’ and to be a part of Fairview again.”

Is PT Right for Your Child?
If you notice movement issues or pain, or your child isn’t coming back from an injury properly, contact your provider to discuss a physical therapy referral. Our pediatric team specializes in childhood development as well as childhood diseases and disorders that may result in movement, breathing, pain and other body issues. If in doubt, please reach out to our team to discuss your child and your concerns.


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