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Top Baby Names of 2022 at Fairview Range

Oh baby! We are overjoyed to announce that our Women’s Health & Birth Center welcomed almost 250 babies in 2022. Amongst these, there were a few baby names that rose to the top. 

Top Baby Boy Names
Liam was our top baby name for boys. After that we had a 11-way tie for the second most popular name. 

Liam (3)
Gehrke (2)
Hudson (2)
Jack (2)
James (2)
Johan (2)
Josiah (2)
Levi (2)
Luca (2)
Owen (2)
Ryder (2)
Walker (2)

Top Baby Girl Names
For girls, 4 names tied for first and 8 names tied for second. 

Charlotte (3)
Elena (3)
Millie (3)
Olivia (3)
Chloe (2)
Ember (2)
Everleigh (2)
Haisley (2)
Lena (2)
Lily (2)
Ruby (2) 
Willow (2)

Of the top names, only 4 names on our list match the rest of the country. Liam, James, Charlotte, and Olivia all made Good Housekeeping’s Top Baby Names of 2022 list. 

Only 3 names found a spot on both our 2022 and 2021 lists. Levi, James, and Charlotte all remained popular. 

Expecting in 2023? 
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