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Theodore and Mila Take the Lead as Top Baby Names of 2023 at Fairview Range

Oh, baby! We are thrilled to share the heartwarming news that our Women’s Health & Birth Center welcomed over 200 bundles of joy in 2023.

Top Baby Names of 2023: Theodore and Mila Steal the Spotlight

Two stars emerged at Fairview Range last year in the world of baby names. Theodore claimed the crown for boys, while Mila dazzled as the top choice for girls. Following closely, we had a twelve-way tie for second among boys and a three-way tie for second with an eight-way tie for third among girls.

The Breakdown of Baby Names:

Top Baby Boy Names:

  • Theodore (3)
  • Reed (2)
  • Maverick (2)
  • Liam (2)
  • Tanner (2)
  • *Colten (2)
  • Finn (2)
  • Michael (2)
  • Henry (2)
  • *Karson (2)
  • *Jonathan (2)
  • *Landon (2)
  • *Myles (2)

Top Baby Girl Names:

  • *Mila (4)
  • Scarlett (3)
  • *Raegan (3)
  • Ivy (3)
  • Nova (2)
  • Quinn (2)
  • Wrenley (2)
  • Violet (2)
  • Kamryn (2)
  • *Isla (2)
  • *Carter (2)
  • *Valerie (2)

(* Symbolizes the name had a different spelling)

A Look Back at Previous Years

Only Liam retained its top spot among the boys in last year’s 2022 list. Theodore, the sole name on our 2021 list, made a triumphant return. Charlotte, the reigning champion for girls in 2021 and 2022, gracefully stepped aside, allowing Mila to shine as the number one choice.

Welcoming Your Little One Close to Home

Regardless of the name you choose for your baby, our dedicated team is here to make your experience as special as possible. Our Women’s Health & Birth Center offers secure, spacious suites with private bathrooms and around-the-clock monitoring.

Are you expecting in 2024?

If you’re expecting in 2024, our care team is ready to support you and your growing family. Get a sneak peek of our labor and delivery unit in a brief virtual tour, where you’ll soon meet the newest member of your family.

Thank you for letting Fairview Range be a part of your beautiful journey into parenthood. We can’t wait to meet more little ones in the coming year!


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